How we would like to work with you.

Dear Homeowner:

Texas Water Savers Co. looks forward to working with you to improve your water  quality with an installation of  proven, durable water treatment equipment we depend on every day—just like you. All our water quality analysis, equipment recommendations, installations and maintenance programs are the primary responsibility of Scott O. Shaffer, licensed by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a Class III Water Treatment Specialist.

We always ask all our homeowners to have Texas AGRI Life Extension in College Station, Texas do their independent analysis of your water sample before discussing specific treatment options, equipment prices, etc.  We will collect the sample during our first visit, have it delivered (“next day”) and send you the lab report, normally 8-10 working days from our visit. During our initial visit we will field-test the water for all or some of the following parameters: hardness, total dissolved solids (“total dissolved salts”), pH, hydrogen sulfide (“sulfur”) and iron.

We prepay the lab and delivery fees ($50) and ask for reimbursement when we send you the report. It normally takes about 10-12 working days for you to  receive the lab report, our invoice for reimbursement of the $50 in fees, our description of what we think the report means and options for improving your water quality.

You decide what you want to do. If you decide to have TWS install your water treatment equipment, we set an installation date and order your equipment. Delivery normally takes 2-3 working days – we normally install within 48 hours of equipment delivery.

Our standard softener and filter installation includes stainless steel flex connectors as well as test ports on both tail pieces – an “industry-leading” standard. We use only clear PVC primer, cleaner and cement for a better-looking installation. It takes a little more time but the finished product looks great. We check for leaks, program the valve and put the equipment in-service to complete the installation. We like to return the next day to field test the equipment to confirm that your water quality has been improved “as-promised.” We will provide you an invoice for payment at this time.

Normally, our installations don’t include extensive drain constructions, drain field set-ups, sweating copper tubing or any plumbing repairs or upgrades not normal for water treatment installations but these services can be provided for a reasonable cost if necessary.

If at any time you suspect your equipment may not be working, we want you to call us immediately. We can discuss the problem and if necessary, get out to inspect the problem within a few hours. If the problem is covered by the Clack warranty, or if we made some mistake in our installation, Texas Water Savers Co. will repair the problem at no-cost.       

Again, we look forward to working with you and encourage questions about any or all of the above.