If you would like to finance your purchase

Texas Water Savers Co. works exclusively with Aqua Finance (www.aquafinance.com) to provide purchasers of our water treatment equipment a monthly payment option.

We enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to work with Aqua and think you will share our enthusiasm.


We help you work with the company and can get you all the information you need to choose from either a revolving payment plan (much like a typical consumer credit card style of payment) or an installment (“closed-end”) payment plan.

Our customers who use the revolving plan typically would pay between $20 and $25 for equipment priced around $1,000, $30-$35 for equipment in the $1,500 range and $40-$50 for purchases in the $2,200 -$2,400 range.  This plan allows pre-payment without penalty and can be arranged with minimum paper work. Aqua even works on Saturdays (until 2 p.m.)!

The “closed-end” installment plan normally requires a higher monthly payment but can save you some interest expense during the term of the loan. Again, we can help you develop your monthly payment under both plans and you choose the best for your family.