You learn by doing at The Rainharvest School

The Rainharvest School

"Yes! I got the 'as-advertised' opportunities to practice 'hands-on' designing, building and cost-estimating rainharvest systems this weekend." D. Cotti--"The class exceeded my expectations by providing me with real world eperience." R. Williams, Jr.--"The design and costing piece were great." S. Bradford--"I am bumping 69, and feel confident, after taking this class, that I can get this done with a helper." M. Powers--"Scott and crew allowed us plenty of time to explore our questions - also pointing out their past mistakes as learning tools." J. Ragsdale--"The hands-on design/layout/build is quite useful." F. Edmiston--"Phenomenal opportunity to obtain one-of-a-kind training from experts in the field !" S. Green

 You can find additional student comments about the Rainharvest School by visiting Angie's List @  www.angies